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Dead David Foster Oyalas

Did dead find herself in his residence in Klermont of California David Foster Oyalas, writer of novel ” Infinite Jest” (” Endless asteio” – 1996), that was praised a lot by the criticism. As it was announced by the police department of Klermont the spouse of Oyalas telephoned them the evening of Friday, saying that when she returned in her residence she saw that her 46chronos spouse had been hung. Did Oyalas, that taught creative writing in the College Pomona, gain the national recognition with ‘Infinite Jest” , that was characterized by the periodical ” Taim” as one of the 100 better anglophone novels that were published afterwards 1923. Is the novel, that extends in 1.000 and more pages and is played in a centre of re-establishment narkomanon and in a academy tenis for the elite, distinguished, according to the ” Taim” , for their ” painfully funny dialogues and their inexhaustible rich ruminations and reasonings of Oyalas for the addiction, the entertainment, the art, the life and, naturally, tenis”. Other work of Oyalas is: ” Girl With Curious Hair” (” Girl with strangely mallia” – circulate in the Greek), does ” Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” and ” A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” , a collection of essays.

Collaborator of arrangement Koyntera?

Famous Tsechos writer They speak Koyntera, author of eminent work ” The unbearable Lightness of Einai” , katedose in 1959 a student in the police of Czechoslovakia and with base was his deposit one third individual condemned in imprisonment of 22 years, according to publication of periodical ” Respekt”. ” Today, in the 16.00, the student Speak Koyntera, be born 1 April 1929 in Brno, it was presented front the service in order to it reports (that some student will meet itself the afternoon with Miroslab Ntboratsek)… The last one is deserter from the army and in spring the previous year had returned in Germany, where he had entered paranomos” , reports the report of police with code name 624/1950. Afterwards the charge, Ntboratsek was arrested and it was led front the justice, that condemned him in imprisonment of 22 years. At the duration of his imprisonment Ntboratsek had been led to camp of coercive work in mine of uranium, as a lot of other political detainees that season. It was released in 1963, when They speak Koyntera hardly it had published the collection of short stories ” Ridiculous Erotes” , with that it made his first steps, according to the publication of periodical ” Respekt”.

The season ekeini o Koyntera of was also 21 years according to the publication, did not know personally the student that denounced, but it transported in the police information that had heard from third individual.

Ntboratsek, Tsechos pilot, had left from Czechoslovakia in 1948, when the country passed in the control of Communistic Party. In camp of refugees in Munich it had stratologithei from a czechoslovakian secret service that was financed by the Americans and afterwards returned in his country in order to it works as postman. Miroslab Ntboratsek of is today 80 years and lives in Sweden.

The writer denied she answers in the questions of periodical Respekt for the affair Ntboratsek.

” I accuse ” Orchan Pamoyk

Paroysia the Chairman of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, the Nobelist writer, Orchan Pamoyk, inaugurating the report of book in Frankfurt, where honoured country is this year Turkey, accused openly the government of his homeland for censorship. It revealed in deed, his effort gagging in the internet. Gkioyl admitted that exist problems, but supported that have become big steps of modernisation.

Policy note lent in the openings of 60th report of book of Frankfurt Orchan Pamoyk. The nobelist Turkish writer in his speech front the Chairman of Turkey placed subject of freedom of expression in his country despite the recent modification of controversial article 301 that criminalizes each offence to the Turkish state.

Did Pamoyk, who had been accused in 2005 with base the particular article on his places in the prohibited for their Toyrkoys subject of genocide of Armenian, speak for ” one century of prohibitions and combustion of books, imprisonment, murder, exorisis and offence syggrafeon” , that is continued, as it stressed. And asked is raised even the prohibition in the access that has been imposed in the web page of YouTube.

Abdullah Gul admitted that exist still problems, but stressed that Ankara has achieved most criteria for the freedom of thought and expression, political and economic reforms in the street to the European Union.

The minister of Abroads of Germany, that was present in the openings of report, hurried it supports Ankara in her European effort.

Return of ” Kefalaioy” en via economic crisis

Return of ” Kefalaioy” en via economic crisis
Or it is fashion, or it is owed in a legitimate search because the globalisation and the economic crisis, the books of Karl Marx are sold today more from never, declares the German editor Gern Sitroymf, that is specialised in the communistic literature.

” From 2005, doesn’t my turnover stop ayxanetai” , declared the director of Berlin citizen publications Karl Dietz Verlag from his kiosk in the Report of Book of Frankfurt, which will last as Sunday.

” In 2005 I sold 500 copies, then 800 in 2006 and 1.300 in 2007. In the nine first months 2008, already I have sold 1.500. In absolute prices this aren’t numbers impressive, but the increase einai” , it marked showing him ” mpestseler” his: a very been careful publication with blue dark cover of ” Kefalaioy” Karl Marx.

” Of course it is owed and little in the fashion, do a lot of young persons buy the book, but won’t never really read him, because he is one exceptionally difficult and exigent anagnosma” , it marked. ” However I distinguish also a real return in the work of Marx” , it continued.

The hour where the world does find itself in the brink of economic recession, Sitroymf it appreciates that ” a society that feels once again the need to read Karl Marx, is a society that feels aschima”.

In Gkoystab Le Klezio Nobel of Literature

France acquired 14th Nobel of Literature. The Swedish Academy grants this year the perionymo reward in the writer Jean Mari Gkoystab Le Klezio for the total of his work, that him characterizes the love of roaming. Have the critics characterized his a lot of novels “? elegy in the person, the feeling and pepromeno”. Le Klezio of 68 years, began to write from the seven chronia and it gained discriminations with the first already publication. Nine from his books they have been translated in the Greek and circulate from six different editorial houses.

Solitary taxideytis
Solitary taxideytis, writer of rupture, explorer of humanity, beyond the krataioys cultures. The French Jean Mari Le Klezio accomplished after 23 entire years he again brings the paramount literary discrimination in his country.

68achronos Klezio has written almost everything… from novel up to novels, essays and ethnologika books. Magic the pictures that transport through the pages of his work, where the diversity of populations and the conflict of cultures supply author’s the coffins and take off literary the balefulness. His reason is lyric, while many of his novels have been characterized from critical as “elegy in the person, the feeling and the destiny”.

His first work, “? Oral agogi”? it was published in 1963, and gained the reward Renonto. Since then they have been published more by his thirty work. In 1980 took the Big Reward POLof French Academy, for his novel the desert.

“? Very deeply sygkinimenos”? declared today the French writer.

“? It is big price for mena”? , it added in interview of Press that granted in the public Swedish radio station o writer of many work between which: “? Erimos”? and “? Chrysopsaro”.

Le Klezio, who when it learned that it was honoured with Nobel was prepared it reads, as it said, added that it will return on 25 October in Sweden in order to it receives the Swedish literary reward Stigk Ntagkerman, which was granted to him in June.

The Nobel price Literature is accompanied by pecuniary reward of 10 millions of Swedish crows (1,02 million of Euros) and will be granted on 10 December in Stockholm.